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Mapei de México


MAPEI has been present in Mexico since 2010, offering systems and products certified by the most prestigious international organizations, with the aim of satisfying the requirements of its clients in the various construction sectors.MAPEI de México has 2 production plants, strategically located in the center and south of the Republic, to meet the growing demand for its clients: architects, construction companies, contractors and end users.

Day after day, the world's builders can count on Mapei more than 80 years of experience available to all our clients. Our leadership is based on shared knowledge and experiences.Mapei Group: the entire team working to provide solutionsFor MAPEI, the quality of products and services makes the difference: that's why we are world leaders in the production and distribution of adhesives for ceramic and porcelain coatings, finishes, sealants, waterproofing agents and more.

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