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Compañía Mexicana de Exploraciones S.A. de C.V., COMESA, is a state owned mexican company with international recognition. The operations of COMESA are focused on designing integral solutions for the energy sector, along the value chain for Exploration and Production, Refining, Petrochemicals, Power and Geothermal sector and other energy areas all over the mexican country, south america and united states of america.

COMESA was established as a response to the need for PEMEX, to have an entity able to help with the operation of their exploratory programs across the country, with majority of PEP.

COMESA was founded in november 12, 1968 to support PEMEX´s exploration programs. Since COMESA was founded has been a self-sufficient company, self financing operations with own resources generated from services provided to its clients.

Today after 46 years of continuous service in Mexico, we are venturing into new markets, particularly in Latin America.

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