SUSTAINABILITY at Informa Markets

Sustainability is a reality that companies and organizations must integrate in their daily actions and strategies, searching a balance between social, economical and environmental.

Informa Markets commits to sustainability through the program FasterForward, which includes 3 pillars (Faster to Zero, Sustainability Inside and Impact Multiplier) and a variety of activities that encompass our commercial operations, brands, products and our impact to the community. Our goal is to incentivize our customers and markets to follow our example for the integration of sustainability to their operations.

As trade show and event organizers, we have the responsibility of leading the sustainable development in our industry. To accomplish it, we follow 16 strategic fundamentals that pursue the incorporation of sustainability into our company and organized events.

In order to assess the sustainable practices of exhibiting companies, Informa Markets, organizer and promoter of EXPO CIHAC, will announce the Better Stand 2023 Award, which will announce and reward the brands that best meet the recommendations of the sustainability manual.

Link between Informa Markets and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

EXPO CIHAC, as part of Informa Markets, is committed to contributing to the attainment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To achieve it, we have set in motion a series of initiatives to act in a coherent manner in the following fronts:

Content focused on innovation in the design of sustainable infrastructure

Greater job opportunities in the construction industry

Equal participation of women in the industry

Accessibility to
vulnerable individuals and minorities

Content related to sustainable construction

Responsible choices for decoration

Our Pillars

Environmental Impact

EXPO CIHAC 2022 was planned with a strong orientation towards sustainability, with the objective of reducing the  CO2e emissions, minimizing waste and promoting the reuse  and recycling of materials.

Social Impact

When we plan our event, we keep accessibility, diversity and inclusion in the spotlight.

Impact on the Industry

 It acts positively in the construction industry since it allows manufacturers, importers and buyers of the sector to gather in one place

How to get involved in the sustainability of the event

There are other ways of contributing and helping the world to be more sustainable. Below some suggestions:

  • Separate and clasify the organic and residual waste to facilitate their recycling.
  • Reduce the use of plastic products and choose sustainable alternatives.
  • Purchase bulk products and choose local options whenever possible.
  • Choose organic products and those that have the recycling symbol in the package.
  • Keep and save water whenever possible.

Remember that each action counts, no matter how small it might be, and that doing something is better than doing nothing at all.